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Canadabrakes ECONOMY ROTORS (Pair/Set)
  • Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors

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Canadabrakes ECONOMY ROTORS (Pair/Set)
  • Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors

9 Review(s) See Reviews

Performance Option : Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors

Position : Front

style : 2 Rotors

Finish : Silver Zinc Plated

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With todays technology in a computer-aided design, manufacturing methods, and quality control, we stay up to date with the latest technological concepts to improve our products performance and quality. Our main goal is to make buying quality brake parts easy and getting them to the consumers quickly.

ECONOMY ROTORS Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors

The eLINE Series is manufactured with G3000 iron grade for greater braking power and stability. The rotor is coated with silver zinc to maximize the life of the rotor and protect against rust (excludes eLINE Series OE Replacement Rotors). Double disc grinding provides smoother and quieter braking, reduces vibration and reduces the time required for break-in. Rotors are mill balanced for long lasting durability. All eLINE Series rotors are designed for direct fit; no modifications are required. Comes in OE Blanks, Drilled & Slotted, Drilled Only, and Slotted Only.


Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers, we strive to give award winning customer customer. 365 Days Warranty - we want to reassure you fitment, excellent quality, and manufactured with precision. Our warranty covers warping and manufactured defects. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you have 60 days to return the item(s).


Upgrade your brakes without breaking your wallet. Economy Rotors brake rotors are made to give more stopping power compared to Original Equipment brake rotors and saving you an average of half the cost. Feel the difference for yourself!

Economy Rotors provide superior performance that meets or exceeds all original manufacturer specifications. The Economy Rotors is manufactured with G3000 iron grade for greater braking power and stability. The rotor is coated with silver zinc to maximize the life of the rotor and protects against rust (excludes Economy Rotors OE Replacement Rotors). Double disc grinding provides smoother and quieter braking, while reducing vibration and the time required for break-in. Rotors are mill balanced for long-lasting durability. All Economy Rotors are designed for direct fitment; no modification are required.

Cross Drilled and Slotted rotors combine the best technologies for the longest lasting,highest performance rotors available. Crossed Drilled to prevent warping, Diamond Slot Technology™ removes debris and reduce glazing. The Diamond Slot tipped ends provide an indicator for rotor replacement. When the tips are gone, rotor replacement is necessary. 365 Days Manufacturer Replacement Warranty against warping.



Canada product

ECONOMY ROTORS - Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors

Comparison Chart
ECONOMY ROTORS OEM Rotors ECONOMY ROTORS-OEM Rotors ECONOMY ROTORS Drilled Rotors ECONOMY ROTORS-Drilled Rotors ECONOMY ROTORS Slotted Rotors ECONOMY ROTORS-Slotted Rotors ECONOMY ROTORS Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors ECONOMY ROTORS-Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors GEOMET ROTORS OEM Rotors GEOMET ROTORS-OEM Rotors GEOMET ROTORS Drilled Rotors GEOMET ROTORS-Drilled Rotors GEOMET ROTORS Slotted Rotors GEOMET ROTORS-Slotted Rotors GEOMET ROTORS Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors GEOMET ROTORS-Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors
Increase Braking Performance over Original Equipment Canadabrakes comparison1 Canadabrakes comparison2 Canadabrakes comparison3   Canadabrakes tick1 img Canadabrakes tick2 Canadabrakes tick3
Rust Protection (Hub, Vents, and Edge) Canadabrakes High Low to High Canadabrakes Low Canadabrakes tick-sec Canadabrakes tick-sec1 Canadabrakes tick-sec2 Canadabrakes tick-sec3
Heat Dissapation (Reduce Warping) Canadabrakes high tick varies tick   chartcategory tick   chart tick
365 Days Warranty 365 Days Warranty Canadabrakes Warranty1 Canadabrakes Warranty2 Canadabrakes Warranty3 chart1 chart2 chart3 chart4
Street tick Street1 tick Street2 tick Street3 tick Street4 tick Street5 tick Street6 tick Street7 tick Street8
Track varies tick1   varies tick2  
Towing/Hauling - Trucks/SUVs Canadabrakes Rotor wear   Canadabrakes Towing  
Off-Road Canadabrakes chart   Canadabrakes tick chart  
  • Canada drilled-rotors1

    Cross-Drilled And Slotted

    Braking produces gases, and cross drilling gives the gases a way to escape, thereby increasing contact pressure. In addition, a cross-drilled rotor now has more surface area, and thus cools down more quickly.

  • Canada machined_in_usa2

    Bi-Angle Chamfered

    Each hole is countersunk for a smooth linear transition at the edge. To reduce the stress and prevent cracking, the holes are also uniquely chamfered to the minimum thickness for exceptional rotor life.

  • Canada brakesperformance3

    Improved Initial "Grip" Response

    Double disc ground with a taper-free finish ensures parallelism, provides near perfect disc thickness variation, eliminates runout and provides more effective pad and rotor break in. was founded in 2004 with a singular mission: becoming the leading American online supplier of quality performance brake components and systems. United by their enthusiasm, the founding staff sought to set new paradigms for brake upgrade systems. The company will continually innovate significant improvements to braking technology for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Jan 29,2016 JohN

I have a 2008 Chrysler 300 with 20K miles on it that had warped rotors. I replace all 4 rotors and all the pads. Now it brakes better than it was when it was new. Thanks for a great product and excellent service. Will be using your products for all my cars.

Apr 24,2015 DeWayne

I can't say enough about Canadabrakes and their products. Their customer service is top shelf. I've installed their drilled/slotted rotors and ceramic pads on 2 of my trucks and i'm getting ready to install them on my car. If you want a night & day difference in your braking... buy components from Canadabrakes.

Mar 28,2015 SHAWN

2009 RT Charger. Stop on a dime after installing all 4 Eline rotors. LOVE THEM!!!

Oct 28,2014 Brent P.

I've been a customer for several years now and I've used these cross drilled/slotted rotors on many different cars: '90 Volvo 740 Turbo wagon (heavily modified engine and suspension.), '08 Kia Sedona mini van (stock.), '90 Geo Metro (extremely modified engine and suspension.) '07 Mini Cooper S (slightly modified engine and urethane suspension bushings.) '10 Accura RDX Turbo, and a couple others I'm forgetting at the moment. The Volvo wagon was lowered and had stiffer sway bars along with a cam and tweaks to the intake system with more boost. It was faster and handled better, but it was warping rotors with heat and the brakes were now the weak link. I used E-Line slotted/drilled rotors with ceramic pads on all 4 corners and was VERY pleased with the improved pedal feel. It bit quick and stayed firm through hard braking, and she got a lot of hard braking. The Geo was a project with a local machine shop to see how stupid you could make a 1.0l Suzuki G10 engine. It was somewhere around 50ish HP stock and when we were completed with all the engine work it was just shy of 100 HP (98 and change.) The brakes were worthless to begin with, doubling the horse power made the car unsafe to use at any kind of fun speeds. I installed E-Line Slotted/drilled rotors and ceramic rotors on the front and had the same awesome improvements I had on the Volvo. No more brake fade and it was VERY confidence inspiring! Too bad the drums on the back were still worthless. The '08 Kia Sedona was my daily driver mini van that had a issue from the factory of warping rotors. Kia couldn't do anything about it and they had a lot of customers complaining about it. I used, again, the E-Line slotted/drilled rotors and ceramic pads at all 4 corners and used them for over 2 years with HARD stopping (heavy van fully loaded, cross USA from Oregon to North Carolina and back for example) and NEVER had an issue with rotor warp again. The dealer installed a new transmission for me on one service visit and test drove it. The service adviser drove it after the tech talked up my brake upgrade and he made it a point to ask me where I got my brakes from. He told me about the issues Kia was having with rotor warp with my model van and asked how long they were on there. When I told him what they had been through: he took down R1-concepts website to pass on to customers who pulled trailers with their vans so they could have something to give them other than "sorry, there's nothing we can do." He also wanted to order them for his Mustang he had been working on ;) The '07 Mini Cooper S is the car I currently have Canadabrakes brakes on. I'm running Premium Slotted and Cross Drilled rotors on all 4 corners and ceramic pads. I have to say: of all the cars I've had these brakes on, the mini had the best brakes stock. I didn't have any complaint with them really. I felt their initial bite could be better: but that was it. I was very happy when I installed the upgrade (after suspension bushings and firmer motor mounts) and I could actually notice a difference over stock. I wasn't expecting that with stock brakes that were designed so well. The initial bite was better once they were bedded and I notice the most improvement when I'm getting them extremely hot (track day conditions.) They are the best street brakes I can find and can handle track day use when they need to. I would absolutely use a different compound pad for regular track use, but this combination is awesome for extremely aggressive street use, hands down. The Accura and other cars were all friends cars I talked into using and installed on their cars. Every one of them used the E-Line slotted/drilled rotors and ceramic pads except my buddy with an Infinity SUV. He used the Premium Slotted/Drilled rotors. They all tell me they are happier and they feel more confident if they have to nail their brakes that their car is serious about stopping. Something I'd like to say that I have found in common with all of these different vehicles that is just an innate characteristic of these specific rotors (Cross drilled and slotted) is a distinct noise you hear during braking and a 'sensation' you feel in the steering wheel. It's the same thing I notice on my sport bikes that use slotted/drilled rotors. It's normal and reminds me that I have some good stoppers under me. I'd describe the sound the car makes when you brake hard like a hiss or a pack of locusts. It's not annoying, and everything I've drove with cross drilled rotors makes the same noise. But I say this because it's the only thing all of my friends came back asking about after I put them on their cars. I take them for a drive in my mini through some back roads with the windows down and they hear it from my car too and feel better about it. Thank you R1-Concepts for such an awesome product: but for also providing such a WIDE array of available fitments so I can put your brakes on ALL KINDS of cars. I'm a customer as long as you keep doing what you're doing. Brent

Feb 4,2014 Jose R.

Great brakes and even better rotors. Extra stopping power n shiny wheels is all I need

Jan 27,2014 Jane A.

Holla Holla Canadabrakes giving discouts to any that likes them on Facebook. Just like and get the discount code and that’s it! Steven from the customer care guided me through my purchase cuz ima noob:p They hookin it up guys don’t miss out

Dec 6,2013 John L.

My buddys at Canadabrakes hooked me up with these awesome Front brakes and sexy rotors. I thought my car was badass before but after I set up these rotors its gonna be even more badasser. Word to your mother

Nov 17,2013 Quan Z.

Man these are the best brake I ever had. Im so impressed with the way it looks through my rims. Im just so glad I got em. Thanks guys at Canadabrakes

Jul 2,2015 Mario Morillo

I well like to know price for a set front and rear cross driller rotors and pads for a 2013 mercedes ml 350 thank"s

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